WiFi Antennas for Portable Devices

Dipole WiFi Antennas for Small WiFi Access Points and portable devices

These antennas can be used on laptop computer rentals.

Being always close to a WiFi hot-spot is not always guaranteed, even if you have a router at home.  Sometimes the signal is simply not good enough.   You can now use wifi antennas to boost your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets or other gadgets) signal.

There are various types of antennas you can create, ranging from extremely simple to very complex. However, all of them are capable of strengthening your portable device’s WiFi signal. Some of the materials you can use use to create a manual antenna are aluminum foil, cooper and metal cans. To create your own WiFi antenna you can look for videos on YouTube, such as this


WiFi antennas for portable devices are definitely extremely useful, extending your smartphone or tablet’s Wifi range and helping you leverage the benefits of WiFi hot-spots wherever you are. To check out more wifi chips in cincinnati check out our partner telecom